Friday, February 10, 2017

You might think otherwise but I don't normally dress the way you think I do on a day-to-day basis. But for other men who are either too tired to dress up or always in a hurry, it's still possible to look as stylish as you want with a simple combo - sportswear and casual clothes!

Athleisure brings athletic style to casual clothing in order to give that laid-back style and also the obvious fact that it's super comfortable. But it's also more than just comfortable clothes, it involves mixing comfort with style in order to create casual, non-sloppy outfits.

To give you a little help, here's a list that I made for the people who intends to look stylish and blend in with the current trend and still yet feel comfortable:

1. Hoodies: Perfect for layering! Hoodies are extremely cool and is such an everyday wearable garment. To give you a tip, don't just stick to the neutrals! Try out different colors, something you're not used to wearing, and pair it with trousers and see what magic it does to your look.

2. Joggers: Joggers are nothing but comfortable and also a major go-to in athleisure! A plus side to wearing them is that you're not required to wear a belt with it. If there's an immediate errand that you need to do, you're already fully prepared to run away in a sweat-wicking comfort.

3. Sneakers/Trainers: Sneakers/Trainers play a big role in completing the athleisure outfit since a well-chosen pair of kicks can act as a punctuation to your wardrobe.

To sum it up, there's actually no rule for the perfect look as long as you're feeling comfortable then you're on the right track. Find a few pieces here and there to incorporate with your wardrobe to make a style all on your own.

Outfit Details:

Hoodie from Gildan

Jogger sweatpants from Baleno

Sneakers from Adidas

Photos by Nikki de Asis

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