Monday, January 23, 2017

As I was scrolling through my blog for inspirations of what this outfit post will contain, I realized one thing — I don't give the photographers I work with enough credit for the photos they take of me. It's easy to pose and dress up, but to work around a certain area and make sure to get awe-inspiring shots of their subject, well that takes skill and hard work.

I started working with Karlo Torio back in 2014 and he has never failed to make me astonished by all the content we do together, even with the photographs he take for other people as well. In my opinion, he really is the next best thing. I just do hope that he gets the credit and appreciation that he deserves. Throughout the years that I have known Karlo, he's not just the amazing photographer that a lot of people know now but also one of the realest people I know as well.

Outfit Details:

Customized shirt from CustomThread
Trousers Thrifted
Socks from SM Department Store
Shoes from Vans

Ever since I posted a photo from this shoot on Instagram, I have been getting questions about where I bought my shirt — well guess what, I got it customized from CustomThread. If I were you, you should check them out because not only do they give quality designs and prints based on what you like but the quality of their shirts are commendable.

Photos by Karlo Torio

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