Monday, December 26, 2016

A new year is fast approaching, which means we're just days away until we welcome another year of adventures and challenges into our lives. This year turned out to be so different and incredible! Even in my wildest dreams, never did I ever expected for my year to end this way. With all the challenges, the changes, and all the ups and downs I experienced, I am still beyond thankful that they happened because it taught me lessons in life that I will cherish forever, lessons that not even school can teach me.

I would like to thank the poeple who visits this site. To you who's reading this, thank you. You are not just a reader, you are an inspiration. My inspiration to strive harder.

I also want to express my appreciation gratitude to my girlfriend, Nikki de Asis. Even with all the bad things that have happened, she makes everything so much better. I love you.

I can consider 2016 as one of the most challenging year for me. It was full of emotions and hardships, but looking back, those experiences has helped me become stronger and wiser.

No matter how slow or how much it sucks, life must go on. What matters is that you continue. To see change, we must first continue living.

Photos by: Nikki de Asis

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