Sunday, December 11, 2016

One of the things I like accepting -- good challenge. Particularly when that challenge involves buying clothes at a thrift store and creating something new out of that item.

So, about a week ago, my girlfriend asked me to do a 500 peso thrift shop challenge where I have to create an entire outfit bought solely from thrift stores and keep it under 500 pesos. It’s a lot more difficult than you think! I was able to pull together an entire outfit (Shoes not included) within my budget at 5 thrift shops around the metro, yup you read that right! 5 thrift stores. I'm dedicated like that. Don’t quit before you get started. Maybe it will take you visiting multiple places like what I did but it'll all be worth it.
– Stay tuned to see them featured in upcoming outfit posts. But for now, here’s my take on the thrift store challenge.

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