Sunday, November 13, 2016

Last November 5, 2016, CustomThread invited people over at their Headquarters for a launch of their new program called Fundr. Before I jump on explaining what the program is, let me give you a recap on what happened during the event — there were free flowing drinks, a food truck to serve everyone's needs (something I pretty much enjoyed the entire night), and also live performances by renowned people in the music industry: Barbie Almalbis, Sud, Taken by Cars, Foxy Music, Kevin Roy and Kess, and Itchyworms.

Having able to attend their brand launch last September 17, 2016 that was a couple of months ago, it was without a doubt that I'd be having an amazing time during their next event. What I also loved about them is how accommodating and approachable their staff is for questions regarding their brand and the new program they launched.

Now let's move on to explaining what Fundr is — it is an online platform that takes care of all the steps you need to start selling apparel without the hassle of shelling out a big investment. Are you with me so far? Let's put it this way — it's like purchasing a website but aside from the website, Fundr takes care of producing your clothes, collecting your customer's payments, and shipping their orders. A pretty neat platform especially if you want to start a clothing business but doesn't have the enough manpower to take care of it, right?

So I bet the question you're thinking right now is how does it work? Basically, you visit the design lab to upload your logo or artwork and see how it would like when printed on a shirt or a jacket. You also have the option to start from scratch using the tools available. Set the price for your item. Share the URL using your different social media accounts. Promote your store. When the customers purchase an item from your store, Fundr collects the payment and ships the item and you can track your sales through the dashboard with real time updates. When the items are shipped, you get your profit.

Want to try it out? Head on over to and follow the steps to "Start a Fundr". For further questions, contact Lanz Roco at

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