Friday, October 28, 2016

I think you all know how much I adore buying clothes at thrift shops (If you haven't seen my outfit post about thrift shops check it out here. I love that I have the capability to make my own style and freedom to create! Also, there's a kind of excitement whenever you find a piece that looks expensive in a thrift shop!

Another thing I love about thrift shops is that they're full of works of art from the past that are just waiting for a little creativity.

I always tell to myself that I don't need to buy expensive clothes to look good or stylish. You just have to keep your eyes open until you find the right piece!

For example, I bought this oversized Calvin Klein jacket at a thrift shop for only P150! Can you believe that? So for this outfit, I decided to pair it with my ripped jeans and my chelsea boots to finish off that street vibe.

Outfit Details:

Cap from Denmark
Jacket from Calvin Klein (Thrifted)
Shirt from H&M
Pants from Penshoppe
Chelsea boots from Zalora

Photo by: Nikki de Asis

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