Tuesday, October 25, 2016

A few days ago, I did a shoot for an upcoming clothing brand that is based in Manila, Philippines - Last Pilgrim. The clothing brand is established by two (2) University of Santo Tomas Commerce students, Kate Daya and Robert Pabiling, as a part of their final output in college.

With the growing attention of streetwear in the Philippines, it's impossible for their brand to not get any notable presence because of their minimalistic aesthetic. Also, it's a brand that can cater to any style in the country because of how unpredictable the weather is. You can either pair it with any jacket whenever it's cold (which is pretty rare in the Philippines) or wear shorts or jeans on a simple day.

Outfit Details:
Beanie from Thrifted
Jacket from Calvin Klein
Shirt from Last Pilgrim
Trousers from H&M
Socks from Mossimo
Shoes from Vans

Here's a preview of Last Pilgrim's white shirt (I swear, it's white):

Last Pilgrim will be launching their first collection on November 3, 2016. Aside from white, they also have the colors green, black, and nude. Don't forget to follow them on Instagram to get updates!

Photos by Nikki de Asis

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