Monday, September 26, 2016

Craft Central is a place where things happen. It is a place where individuals get inspired to make wonderful artworks. A place for the people who love art as much as I do.

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It was once a virtual shop and now after 2 beautiful years of inspiring people through the internet, they now have at last opened their own physical store in Greenbelt 5!

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I am so thankful I got to witness the launching of their physical store! As soon as I got there, I was surprised by the interior of the place and was greeted by food (thanks to Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf) and some bloggers I know. Around the venue, they have 6 stations where you can make your own personalized item such as having your own personalized notebook from Ink Scribbler, diy your own canvas tote bag from Sqooid but as much as i wanted to have my own customized tote bag, I had to settle for not having one since it was clearly impossible as I would probably have to wait for around 30 minutes because of the very long line in their booth. I also got my own fragrance bottle from Oils and Petals, customized handmade bracelet from Bedazzeld, hand-sculpted accessories from Pink Opium and lastly I got to watch how they make bath bombs! Thanks to Soak Artisan Soap!


Feeling jealous now? Don't worry, you can also have your personalized item! I am inviting you all to The Craft Central's grand opening weekend happening this September 26 to October 2! Don't forget to drop by!


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