Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Recently, I have realized that wearing colored clothes won't kill me. I have been really into different kinds of colors lately but mostly I have been wearing tones of beige that's why for this outfit post, I have decided to put together a look with a few lighter pieces to break my comfort zone which is all black.

If you ask me now to describe my choice of clothing way back a couple of years ago, my answer would always be simply "black". I truly did not stray away from owning anything that was not black - I was very committed to it, but I think I found my second favorite neutral color.

What I like about in wearing nude colored clothing is that it can be elegant and rugged at the same time, basically it's how you style yourself. All along I thought an all black ensemble is what's best for me but I recently realized that nude colored clothing complements my skin color. Outfit Details:

Hat from Forever 21
Jacket from Thrift Shop
Shirt from MN|LA
Pants from Maldita
Shoes from Converse

image image image image image image
Photos by: Aly Uy

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