Tuesday, December 22, 2015

I think fashion is important because it's a means of self expression -- it empowers us to say something to the world about who we are, or why we'd like to be.

The clothes we wear say things in regards to us, even to individuals we don't converse with specifically. It addresses the central human need to have a place, to distinguish ourselves with a gathering of others like us - whether it's a way of life, a religion, a class, an attitude, or a profession.

Our choice of clothing is an extension of our identity; while others pick items from their wardrove that reflect their current mood. When someone decides what to wear they need to keep in mind what messages will they be sending to the crowd and sometimes we forget or don't realize, that we are sending both true and false messages through our clothes. Like me, I am a calm, a bit kind lol, and funny guy but my clothes do not reflect my real personality.


Gray shirt - DIYed
Gray shirt - Giordano
Green jacket - F21
Pants - DIYed
Shoes - Swatch Seasider

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Photo by: Nikki de Asis

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