Sunday, November 22, 2015

Growing up, I wasn’t really that into fashion, preferring the simplicity and comfort that the shorts and slippers combo afforded. But when i was around first year high school, i stumbled upon this rapper, who is now considered as one of my fashion icons, who i then thought finally understood and complemented my own interest in the field.

For years and years I looked up to this person when it comes to fashion and of course his music.Throughout the times that I followed Kanye's style, it actually made me blind to some of the latest fashion trends, but instead of fitting in to the norm, I learned how to fill my own personality into the clothing that I wear. Thanks to what Kanye believes in — he is what he wears.

Let's talk about my outfit now. We all know that the more simple the looks are, the more it is effective, as exemplified by what i was wearing here -- While a hoodie, jeans and boots may not seem like an interesting combination, it’s always the details that take up this outfit from zero to a hundred.

Outfit Details:
Hat from Forever21
Hoodie from Bershka
Shirt from H&M
Biker's Jeans from Penshoppe
Boots from Swatch Seasider

image image image image
But due to the fact that the fashion scene here in the country isn’t open yet to what Kanye prefers to wear, I am usually having a hard time finding the right pieces to wear.
image image
Over the course of six months, I have been to hundreds of clothing stores hoping that some of them would sell pieces of clothing that Kanye would wear for a not so expensive price. Good thing I dropped by Bershka and found the right piece I was looking for.
image image

Photos by Roi Serrano

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