Monday, October 19, 2015

With finals coming up, I have been so preoccupied and unable to blog about so many things. I apologize for that, but I am going to fix the blog real soon and make sure that there will be something new that you guys will see every now and then. I have so many things lined up and I am so excited for everyone to see it, just give me some time to finish the semester.


Outfit Details:
Beanie: Thrifted
Sunnies: Eye Know Right
Jacket: Thrifted
T-shirt: H&M
Pants: DIY
Shoes: Bershka


I am happy to announce that I am nominated for this year's #Bloggys2015. For everyone's awareness, #Bloggys2015 is a nationwide blog awarding event in the Philippines. It continues the legacy of recognizing Filipino bloggers through a variety of niches and industries across the nation. I am already so thankful to have been nominated but if you are free, please do vote for me here (click this link) - under the category of Beauty and Fashion.

But I am really here to thank the people who nominated me. I wouldn't be here if it weren't for you people. Despite my busy schedule, thank you for still believing in me. Thank you so much.

Photo by: James Wycoco

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