Thursday, January 22, 2015
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The cold chilly breeze came in extra early this year and why wouldn't a tropical like the Philippines love it? We Filipinos are certainly loving every minute of this kind of weather. It can definitely help us save some bills for the electricity by turning off our AC! Hahaha. And it is really the perfect time to have a shoot and finally wear some of my not-so-used clothes.

We always experience times where we want to be dressed in our stylish clothes but we can't, because it's not perfect for the weather. This time, I didn't think twice and waste the opportunity to wear some of my clothes and feature it up here in the blog. With the weather cooperating properly, I was able to get into an appropriate attire for the brisk kind of temperature. To feel a bit torrid in this kind of weather, we always have to wear dark outfits which is really perfect for me ( I was really happy just like a child who received a lolly for the first time haha!)

For the outfit, I dressed up in an oversized white sweatshirt and topping it off with a black hoodie, to go with the ripped pants and Chelsea boots which really blended well and was perfect match.

Outfit Details:

Hat from SM Accessories
Hoodie from 21Men
White oversized sweatshirt from 21Men
Pants from Bench
Boots from H&M

photo IMG_7541_zps9640eba3.jpg photo IMG_7566_zps46bf40a9.jpg photo IMG_7530_zps098803d3.jpg photo IMG_7611_zps6204a72e.jpg photo IMG_7594_zps4e9ca23b.jpg photo IMG_7627_zps04ac621e.jpg photo IMG_7593_zps584bb8e5.jpg photo IMG_7603_zpsf7a31684.jpg photo IMG_7563_zps6a4d3bc3.jpg photo IMG_7596_zpsef3e9a73.jpg
Photos by: Karlo Torio

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