Friday, December 5, 2014
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Pulling up your own style can be really hard for others because of the bashing they get from some people, but let me tell you one thing, that there is no such rule in fashion.
Wearing your own desired clothes that you are comfortable with can always make you feel better and confident. Never mind those people who always try and bring you down, just go out and make a fashion statement for yourself. Because when you start listening to them, it's like putting yourself in a position where you always have to wear the same dress code over and over again. As I always say, never be afraid to experiment and always mix things up because you will never know that what you are wearing today can be an inspiration tomorrow.

Outfit Details:

Hat from SM Accessories
Sunnies from Sunnies by Charlie
Blazer from Cotton On
Black buttondown from Topman
Watch from Casio
Jogger pants from AMS Clothing
Shoes from Bershka

photo IMG_2840_zps3179d26e.jpg photo IMG_2839_zpsdbb139df.jpg photo IMG_2831_zps5cfadb17.jpg photo IMG_2861_zps69b47171.jpg photo IMG_2853_zps7b7d8cd0.jpg photo IMG_2904_zpsa8e5aaa5.jpg photo IMG_2896_zpsb2585ef9.jpg
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Photos by: Karlo Torio

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