Saturday, November 8, 2014
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Most times in our lives, we experience the real struggle in choosing the right clothes to wear. I can surely give you one tip, and that is to wear black clothes when you are in doubt! You can never go wrong with it because the color itself can be easily paired with any kind of outfit or even with your daily accessories. It can also be useful during the rainy season to keep you warm and comfortable. Wearing it may just be plain simple but mixing it up with your own taste of style can make it a whole lot fascinating.

Outfit Details:

Snapback from DC
Aviator shades from Ray Ban
Shirt from Invasive Urban Clothing
Watch from G-Shock
Bag from Singapore
Shoes from New Balance

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Loving the details of this shirt from Invasive Urban Clothing! photo IMG_0496_zps9c9dad54.jpg photo IMG_0500_zps059c5922.jpg
Looking for the sickest shirts in town? Well, Invasive Urban Clothing's the answer. Check out their Instagram!
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Photos by: Karlo Torio

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