Sunday, October 1, 2017

As most of you know by now, I am a big fan of headwear — baseball caps, ascot caps, beanies, bucket hats, fedoras, trucker hats, wide-brim hat, and the list goes on. I just think I look better in general wearing a hat than not wearing anything at all, also it's just one of those accessories I feel incomplete without. But mostly it's because of how lazy I get most days when it comes to styling or fixing my hair (in short, everyday seems to be a bad hair day).

Today's outfit post consists of my obsession with berets. Just recently, berets are becoming a trend again which is something I totally approve as I see how easy it is to incorporate with my daily outfits. Personally, I appreciate how it gives an edge to any simple outfit you can put on and how easy you can pair it with any style you want.

Outfit Details:
Hoodie from Gildan
Polo Thrifted
Pants Thrifted
Shoes from Reebok

Monday, September 18, 2017

Over the past few years, international streetwear brands like Supreme, Off-White, Palace, and a whole lot more have emerged and taken over the fashion scene. Meaning, numerous international celebrities like Kanye West, A$AP Rocky, Travis Scott, and quite a few more were seen wearing the said brands whenever they're out and about. With that, people started going crazy and had garments shipped internationally — some people would even line up at the crack of dawn outside the stores just to be able to purchase at least one garment.

However, the Philippine fashion scene isn't exactly synonymous and influential in the streetwear industry unlike the other countries, but that doesn't mean that our industry doesn't try. And to answer the question above of why you shouldn't support local streetwear brands? My answer would be none as I see no reason as to why you shouldn't support local streetwear brands. It's crazy to think that there are actually a lot of amazing local streetwear brands here in the Philippines working incredibly hard to put our country in the map and in the eyes of the streetwear community.

Recently, I was lucky enough to have the chance to collaborate with an up and coming local streetwear brand: Haute Stuff Originals. Haute Stuff Originals grabs their inspiration from the latest fashion trends and at what they see on the streets on a daily basis. The brand really is for lovers of fashion who are into experimenting and a wild adventure. Haute Stuff Originals produces pieces that represents the streets of Manila. And some say that local streetwear brands aren't comparable to international streetwear brands? Think again.

Outfit Details:
Hoodie from Gildan
Camou Jacket and Cargo Pants from Haute Stuff Originals
Shoes from Vans

Photos by: Nikki de Asis
Tuesday, July 4, 2017

From scouring numerous thrift shops during my spare time, I found a place which I can refer to as my favorite thrift shop as I never leave the store without buying anything. And during one rainy afternoon as I was stuck without an umbrella at a place which was a block away from my favorite thrift shop, I decided to check out if they had new clothes to sell. To my surprise, my sight caught this comic-printed pants that I just couldn't leave without buying it (even though I was on a budget).

As soon as I tried on the pants, I was in love. The versatility of that certain piece of clothing was what really caught my attention — my brain was already exploding on ideas of how I would style the pants as soon as I get home. I was that extremely in love with the pants! Playful and stylish — two words that can easily describe the comic-printed pants. Me being me, I also love how it's eye-catching and can put edge on whatever outfit you pair it with. Although any printed clothing can be quite risky as it can be difficult to pull of, it's all about adapting, confidence, and blending with your personal style.

Now, let's move on to my outfit. To embody the street style look, I paired my comic-printed pants with an orange hoodie and a fanny pack. Orange and printed clothing? To some, it's a bit weird and not pleasing to the eyes, but it was a great ensemble in my eyes. A quick tip for anyone who's interested in wearing printed clothing but is afraid of taking the risk, the simplest way to style any printed clothing is by looking at the colors in print and continuing that certain theme throughout your outfit. As for me, I completed my entire outfit by wearing my white Chuck Taylors.

Outfit Details:

Orange Hoodie from Gildan
Fanny Pack from SM Department Store
Pants Thrifted
Sneakers from Converse

I was honored enough to work with who I believe is one of the country's best photographers. So thank you, Angela Gonzalvo for the amazing photos! Please do visit both her Facebook and Instagram accounts to see more of her works.
Monday, June 12, 2017

Somewhere along the way, I became a guy who is unable to head out without wearing any headwear — may it be a beanie, a cap, or any of my hats. So for this post, I will be talking about one of my favorite headwear, wide-brimmed hats.

It's all about the high and low balance. White tee, denim jacket, ripped jeans, and Chelsea boots? You're probably good. It also seems fair game to top it off with a hat.

But for real though, the only rule to pulling off a hat is that there's no rule at all. Just wear one and don't mind what the others might think about you.

Outfit Details:

Hat from Forever21
Jacket from Oxygen
Shirt from Custom Thread
Pants from Penshoppe
Boots from Zalora

Photo by Nikki de Asis
Monday, March 27, 2017

The cold weather may have come and gone and the summer weather is finally here, but being the person that I am, this outfit post is still me wearing a hoodie.

For me, hoodies are a vital part of one's outfit as they offer the right comfort. Hoodies are totally a head-turner when it comes to street style. It also means comfort, ease, and effortlessness. Plus, a hoodie makes everyone look like they’re not trying too hard. You can imagine the giddy feeling that I get whenever I receive on as hoodies are really stylish and adds element to work with on your wardrobe. However, the clothes you wear with it are equally as important as they add to the look and can change the style entirely. You can wear wear an oversized hoodie for example with skinny jeans, and my Chelsea boots, like how I did. But there are so many other ways to make your hoodie look hella stylish. No matter what, a hoodie will always be the more comfortable choice when faced with different clothing options.

Outfit Details

Hoodie from Last Pilgrim

Jeans from Forever 21

Chelsea boots from Zalora

Photo by Nikki de Asis
Monday, March 13, 2017

As you may have noticed, I have been missing in action for the past few weeks (mostly because it's been pretty difficult to blog as my dorm doesn't have wifi) and the biggest reason for that is because of school. But now I'm back on track with a new outfit post - the outfit I wore to Day 2 of Bench Fashion Week S/S 2017 which happened last March 11, 2017.

To be honest, I don't really know where to begin with this look. Do I start it with the denim biker's jacket? I actually picked this jacket up in a thrift store near my dorm. I’d been looking for one of these for such a long time now. Under the jacket is a white button down from Uniqlo and I decided to put a string choker as an accessory because why the hell not. It's good to try new things. On the bottom I went for ripped jeans and paired it with a suede Chelsea boots to blend the lines between streetstyle and smarter styling.

What do you think about my outfit?

Outfit Details:

Sunnies from SM Accessories

Denim biker jacket Thrifted

White buttondown from Uniqlo

String chokers from 90skidsPH

Ripped jeans from Penshoppe

Chelsea boots from Zalora

Photos by Nikki de Asis